Why Low Impact Paintball

why low impact paintball

Why is low impact paintball a better option than traditional paintball? It’s a question we get asked a lot. Most people who have never played paintball before have their own ideas of what paintball is like. It seems like everyone knows somebody who has played paintball and they’ve drawn their perceptions of paintball around their friends’ experiences.

Why Low Impact Paintball Doesn’t Hurt

Low impact paintball was developed to make paintball easier for new players to enjoy. The size of the paintball was reduced by nearly 30%. The velocity of the paintball was also reduced, resulting in 60% less impact than a traditional paintball. Players as young as nine years old can enjoy paintball without worrying about the ouch.

If paintball has always looked fun to you or like something your young children would enjoy, but you’ve been worried about the pain, give the low impact paintball format a try. Invite a group of friends or come in with the whole family and make your reservation to check paintball off the¬†bucket list! You’ll be glad you did.