What Sets Air Assault Apart

What sets Air Assault apart from the rest? Lots of reasons! We’re a world class facility, we like to keep things clean, and we are passionate about what we do. Air Assault Indoor Paintball isn’t the only paintball field in Minnesota. In fact it’s not even the only indoor paintball field in the Twin Cities. So we take great pride in what sets us apart from the other paintball fields in Minnesota and around the country!

What Sets Air Assault Apart

We’re A World Class Facility

Air Assault’s indoor paintball field in St. Paul is Minnesota’s newest paintball facility. The building was purchased in 2014 and fully renovated from the ground up. Walls were torn out, concrete resurfaced, and the building got a fresh coat of paint inside and out.

Air Assault isn’t our first indoor facility.  It actually the fourth indoor location that we’ve operated and our sixth paintball facility. Air Assault is the culmination of decades of paintball experience. We obsessed over every detail, making sure everything was done perfectly. We spent months working with carpet and floor glue manufacturers. We tested countless flooring samples. We even had custom covers manufactured to protect the lighting on the playing field.

In short, we obsessed about every detail — details most of our customers will probably never notice.

We’re Obsessive About Keeping Things Clean

best paintball fieldWe’re closed one day a week so we can clean the facility. The playing field is cleaned from top to bottom. The bunkers are scrubbed until they shine. The turf is swept and extracted every week.

Rental equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each player. Every player is issued clean rental gear — gear so clean, your grandmother wouldn’t think twice about using it.

We have a tremendous amount of pride in our facility. We’re also passionate about providing the best paintball experience possible. From our reservation system to our online waivers, we’ve taken every step possible to make planning the perfect birthday or bachelor party simple.

We’re Passionate About What We Do

Our staff is trained to provide your party with a great experience. When you arrive at our facility, they’ll walk you through the options and help you get checked in. They’ll take you through a new player orientation and help you get up to speed on the game of paintball. When it’s time to play, they’ll take you out to the playing field and function as your referee. Between games they’ll help you get cleaned up and get ready for your next game.

We work hard every day to provide the best paintball experience in Minnesota and be believe that is what sets Air Assault apart. We hope it shows in everything we do for you.