What First Time Paintball Players Can Expect

First Time Paintball PlayersFirst time paintball players may have no idea what to expect when they get on the battle field. In reality, paintball is very simple as long as one pays attention to the rules and little details.

Making an Appointment
Although not all paintball fields require one to make an appointment, it’s best to see if that’s the case. The sooner it’s taken care of the better for everyone. Some fields require the person to just simply show up. Here at Air Assault we have both private play and walk-on play. Check out our hours for more details.

Paintball Apparel
Beginner paintballers may have no clue what to wear. This really depends on the type of field. The whole idea is to camouflage with the environment. For instance, desert fields will require desert-type camouflage. Protective gear such as masks and goggles are a must have. At Air Assault we are an indoor field. You can view pictures of the field here so you can get an idea of what to wear to blend in.

More often than not, beginner paintballers will not have their own equipment. However, most field rent out paintball equipment for the day. Necessary equipment includes a paintball gun, a hopper, compressed carbon dioxide tank, a mask, barrel plug and barrel cover. Info on our own rental packages can be found here.

First time paintball players must understand that safety is the number one priority. Before each game, or battle, the field will go over their rules. Keep in mind that each field has its own set of rules. Our referees will go over rules specific to Air Assault Paintball before each game.

Types of Games
There are many different kinds of games when it comes to paintball. One game, called elimination, is where one team must eliminate the other. Anyone who is hit must go to the “dead area.” Tons of information about the different games can easily be found online. Read more about the different games you can play here.

After the Game
Once the game is over, all players must remove their masks and put their barrel plugs back on. This is a good time for a break.