Virtue Paintball Tournament

Air Assault Paintball 4.5 Man

Virtue Paintball Tournament 4.5 5-Man

The Virtue 4.5 5-Man Paintball Tournament is coming soon! Registration is now LIVE! Are you an avid paintball player? Do you want to break into the tournament scene? Air Assault Indoor Paintball offers the ultimate event for all types of players. We focus on creating the best customer experience and now we have made it even easier to play local events. Introducing the Division 4.5 format! This new format is exclusive to the Minnesota area. Team rosters may now have three Division 4 players and two Division 5 players. A maximum of 15 participating teams will be competing for over $3,000 in Virtue Paintball prizes! Find out more information on why Air Assault Paintball tournaments are the best paintball events in Minnesota below!



D4.5 allows three (3) D4 players per roster. All 4.5 events are stand alone with individual prize packages. Early-bird entry is only $150 per team! Prepaid paint only $60/case! The Virtue Paintball Tournament (D4.5 5-Man) will be held on July 19th, 2015 at Air Assault Indoor Paintball (155 Eaton Street St. Paul, MN 55107).


—> $3,000+ Virtue Prize Package! TBA soon.

—> Race 2 (5-man) Format.

—> 3 D4 Drop in players.

—> 15 Team Cap.

—> Best prizes, reffing, and field in the State.

Air Assault Virtue Paintball 4.5






Air Assault Vs Vintage Series

Air Assault vs Vintage series

Virtue Paintball Tournament – Sunday (July 19th, 2015)


  • ROSTERS allow up to three (3) D4 players. APPA is working on changing their software to allow this, if you are UNABLE to add D4 players, please list them as STAFF.


  • NO MUDDY/DIRTY gear! In order to protect our turf, we will not allow ANY players with dirty or muddy gear to play. CLEAN YOUR PANTS, CLEAN YOUR CLEATS, WASH YOUR GEAR!


  • NO cleats allowed! Our turf is custom designed for indoor paintball, shoes with hard plastic, metal, or ceramic cleats are NOT allowed! Your best option for footwear is indoor turf shoes or HK shredders.


  • LAYOUT will be released before the paintball tournament schedule is live!

Air Assault Clean Turf

For more details on the Virtue Paintball Tournament check out our Facebook Event, PB Nation and our American Paintball Players Association link! If you have any questions about any of the following information or details please give us a call at 651-222-0300.