Virtue Paintball Tournament Reminder

Virtue Paintball Tournament 4.5 5-man

air assault paintball virtue paintball tournament

Our Virtue Paintball 4.5 5-man tournament is less than two weeks away. Don’t miss out on your chance to win more than $3,000 in Virtue prizes! The final registration deadline is July 15th, but you can save $50 off your entry by registering your team by July 9th.

The event is classified as a division 5 event that allows up to three D4 players. This is an awesome opportunity for teams to reach out to new players (or bring an interested friend) to play a competitive event without drastically affecting their APPA UPC.


  • ROSTERS allow up to three (3) D4 players. APPA is working on changing their software to allow this, if you are UNABLE to add D4 players, please list them as STAFF.
  • NO MUDDY/DIRTY gear! In order to protect our turf, we will not allow ANY players with dirty or muddy gear to play. CLEAN YOUR PANTS, CLEAN YOUR CLEATS, WASH YOUR GEAR!
  • NO cleats allowed! Our turf is custom designed for indoor paintball, shoes with hard plastic, metal, or ceramic cleats are NOT allowed! Your best option for footwear is indoor turf shoes or HK shredders.
  • LAYOUT¬†will be released before the paintball tournament schedule is live!