Top 5 Paint Ball Games to Play with Friends

Paint ball games
There are a lot of different paint ball games to choose from when playing. Whether you are looking to split up into multiple teams, are play everyone for themselves, there are so many great games out there that you will always be kept on our toes and far away from monotony.

Here are our top picks for the best paint ball games to play:

Team Deathmatch – also known as elimination. Teams compete against each other until only one person is left standing. That team is then declared the victor.

Capture the Flag – Teams compete against each other to grab a flag from the other side’s base. Once the flag has been captured it must be brought back to the captor’s home base without them being hit. A team wins if they are able to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their base without being shot.

Bomb – One of our favorite paint ball games, it is similar to capture the flag, except in reverse. Each team attempts to place a package at their opponent’s base. The game is over when one side is able to place the bomb in the designated spot without being hit.

Civil War – teams line up across from each other, shoulder to shoulder. Each player then takes a single shot across the field at the opposing team when given the green light to do so (usually someone yells out “FIRE!”). Players who have been hit fall down to the ground while the remaining players take a step closer towards each other. This is then repeated until an entire team is out.

Medics – a fun variation is to include medics in your paint ball games. They have the power to heal other players by simply touching the player who has been hit. Medics themselves can be hit, and are not able to bring themselves back in the game, so it is important that they are able to move quickly and dodge paint balls with ease.