Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Your Next Paintball Outing

best paintball outing

You’ve booked your paintball party and now you’re making the final plans for the big day.  How do you make sure your party is one that won’t be forgotten? As the Twin Cities largest indoor paintball field, we know a thing or two about hosting an awesome paintball party! Have the best paintball outing when you follow these tips:

Take the Pain Out Of Paintball

If you mention paintball to somebody who’s never played it before, they’ll probably tell you paintball hurts. That may be true when it comes to traditional paintball, but not low impact paintball. Low impact paintball is a new version of paintball which uses a smaller paintball fired at a slower speed. With only 1/3 the energy of a traditional paintball, low impact paintball is the perfect choice for young players. Players as young as 9 years old will find paintball to be a blast!  Air Assault Paintball in St. Paul is a low impact paintball facility, so there’s no worry about playing a version of paintball that hurts.

More Players Mean More Fun

Paintball is all about the thrill of the hunt. More players on the field means everyone has a better chance of finding a target. A larger group also means teams can be changed up between games, giving everyone the chance to taste victory.

With facebook, it’s easy to pull together 10-20 players to play paintball. Paintball is one of those things that appears on most people’s bucket list. Best of all, paintball is one of the few activities where the age of the player isn’t important. Parents can play paintball with their kids–kids love the chance to shoot their parents!

Save Time And Fill Out Your Waivers Online

Save the hassle of filling out paperwork at the field by filling out your waiver in the comfort of your own home. Share this link with your party and they’ll be able to fill out their waivers online. Filling out our online waiver in advance will make check-in a breeze.