Youth Groups

Youth Groups – Paintballing for kids


paintballing party in mnLooking for something fun to do with your youth group in MN? Air Assault Paintball hosts all types of sport teams, school field trips, church groups, graduations and more! Break loose with the whole organization. Air Assault Indoor paintball field has everything you need to play.

Paintball is perfect for improving teamwork, communication, tactics and team cohesion. Fill your day with fun with low impact paintball! Our indoor paintball center allows all players to be competitive regardless of their particular athletic ability! 

Paintball Youth Groups & School Trips

youth-group-paintballLow Impact Paintball is perfect for:

  • Hockey Teams
  • Soccer Teams
  • Football Teams
  • Swim Teams
  • Basketball Teams
  • Graduation Parties
  • Volleyball Teams
  • School Field Trips
  • Senior Day

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indoor paintball center mnDon’t let the weather or long drive damper the group’s day like an outdoor party. Stick to the plan and get in as many activities as you can on the special day. Save on the travel and added expenses of traditional youth group events in MN. Our indoor paintball center is conveniently located in downtown St. Paul, MN right off of Highway 94 and Highway 52.

indoor paintball party areaWorried that paintballs hurt or will leave players with unpleasant welts and bruises? Worry not! Air Assault specializes in true low impact paintball guns. The paintballs we use are smaller, lighter and more fragile thus making the entire experience more fun! Our paintballs are also non-toxic, stain-resistant and wash out of most clothing unlike most outdoor paintballs.

Please call us at 651-222-0300 if you have any questions.