Paintball Rental Packages

Air Assault Paintball offers a variety of paintball rental packages for every type of player. We make it simple and easy to choose your paintball experience! Choose the standard rental package or upgrade your paintball adventure with the competitive rental package or an ultimate combat package!

Air Assault Paintball Rental Packages

Standard Package

The Standard Rental Package is great for players of every caliber! Gear up with a primary paintball gun! This package features a semi-automatic (Tippmann FT-50) paintball marker. The military-like compact combat paintball marker is sure to help you sight in your opponent!

*Rental package includes thermal full head protective goggles.

Competitive Package

The Competitive Rental Package is for players that are looking to gain an edge over their opponent! Rent an electronic paintball gun (Planet Eclipse ETEK) and be on the cutting edge of paintball equipment. This light-weight paintball marker has a high rate of fire (3 round burst) and a more accurate paintball gun barrel. It’s hard to miss your target with this gun!

*Rental package includes thermal full head protective goggles.

Ultimate Combat Package

Upgrade your whole paintball experience! Get ready for battle by dressing the part with the Ultimate Combat Package! This rental package provides an enhanced level of protection that will prepare you for anything your opponent throws your way.

The Ultimate Combat Package includes:

  • Camo Jumpsuit – Made of light-weight camouflage material to blend in with obstacles on the field. Jumpsuits are great for added protection and help keep clothes clean after a day of play!
  • Tactical Vest – The tactical vest comes equipped with chest padding to protect your torso and give you a better chance of the paintball bouncing off of players (bounces don’t count). The vest also has pockets to hold extra paintball ammo!
  • Combat Gloves – These padded gloves will protect your hands while playing. The tactical design is great for both protection and ease of trigger pulling. Avoid exposed skin and unpleasant hand shots!

 Optional Upgrades and Add-ons include:

  • Camo Gloves
  • Combat Gloves
  • Combat Vest (Adjustable to fit most sizes)
  • Camo Jumpsuit (Multiple sizes)
  • Air Tank (3K)
  • Mask (Thermal full head protection goggle system)