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Booking Paintball Games at Air Assault

Booking Paintball Games at Air AssaultPaintball games are an exciting and fun hobby for many people. If you would like to get started, you might be looking for the best fields to play paintball. Air Assault Paintball as a friendly and knowledgeable staff who knows just what many players are looking to experience. We have set up extensive areas for hosting tournament play, which is appealing to teams. If you haven’t tried this set up before or you do not have a large group to play with, you may want to think about whether you can join as a walk-on instead.

There are many of advantages to booking with Air Assault Paintball. Our staff is useful and accommodating for almost any event that you would like to variety here. You may also get paintball refills or obtain a Carbon dioxide canister recharged when you are in this article. All that you should perform is available for rental. Our buyers take pleasure in our considerable lessons that happen to be set up. This adds a particular amount of challenge to every person that is in the match up. It also offers some fun and exciting assortment.

Some individuals is going to be happy to find out that they can make reservations at nearly all instances in the past year. Be sure that your group guides in advance, considering that a few of these slots might get packed up rapidly. This is especially true if you have a large group. The friendly staff here may help you reserve the correct paintball games that can be exciting and fun for anyone that is certainly included.

We specialize in birthday parties, bachelor parties, youth groups, and corporate events. We can accommodate just about any private party request, 24/7 365 days a year! We areĀ able to accommodate parties of 150 or more. Please give us a call at 651-222-0300 with any questions you may have about hosting a private group party at Air Assault Paintball.