Paintball Events

Paintball Events at Air Assault

Paintball Events at Air AssaultLooking to host or attend paintball events in Minnesota? Air Assault Paintball Games is the ideal spot in the Twin Cities for fun. Both groups and individuals are welcome seven days a week from dusk to dawn. If you’re planning paintball events, book at least one week earlier than your party to be sure to get the date you want.

Call at 651-222-0300 to begin making a reservation or to get all your questions answered. The reason paintball is so great for parties, events, or just a day out is that it’s one of the few sports that put everyone on an equal playing level. Games can be for elimination, where you try to get rid of as many people off the opposing team as possible, or to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it home to your team’s base.

Many paintball events could be learning tools in addition to fun. Youth groups can spend each day playing while learning working together abilities with adrenaline filled tactics. Groups will their very own host and utilization of the playing area. Paintball can also be well suited for corporate occasions. Working together abilities are enhanced among colleagues while taking pleasure in a task that puts everybody on a single level. It will help develop abilities in fast thinking and quick making decisions together. Watch employees build communication abilities while getting time of the lives.

Air Assault Paintball Games would like to host your paintball events. Whether you’re planning for a birthday party or perhaps a bachelor party, your whole group may have fun. Select from multiple courses and revel in perks for example indoor bathrooms, a spectator position for individuals who would like to watch, and dining lodging.

We specialize in birthday parties, bachelor parties, youth groups, and corporate events. We can accommodate just about any private party request, 24/7 365 days a year! Any size group can book a paintball game at our facility.  We are able to accommodate parties as large as 150 players or more. Please give us a call at 651-222-0300 with any questions you may have about hosting a private group party at Air Assault Paintball.