Paintball Birthday Parties

Paintball Birthday Parties

Paintball Birthday Parties

Paintball Birthday Parties are a great choice for players of any age, but especially for those between the ages of 9 and 16. If you’re a parent of a tween or young teenager, you might be struggling to find a great idea for a birthday party. Places like Chuck E. Cheese and the local bowling alley just won’t cut it. It won’t be long before birthday parties are a thing of the past for your teenager, so how do you choose an epic party destination?

Paintball is a great option for a tween birthday party. Paintball is probably on their bucket list of things to do and it scores high on the “cool meter” for kids between the ages of 9 and 16. A paintball party is a sure way to become the¬†coolest parent on the block.

As the Twin Cities’ paintball birthday party headquarters, we know how to throw an epic party. We’ve hosted thousands of birthday parties over the years. A quick call to one of our party specialists is all that’s needed to plan a party that won’t soon be forgotten.

It’s Not Just For Kids

Paintball is one of the few things that can be done by people of nearly any age. Kids as young as nine and adults as old as 65 play paintball. It’s one of the few activities that parents and kids can enjoy together and both groups will find the game to be a fun challenge.

It’s An Easy Game To Play

If you’ve played with squirt guns, you already understand the basics of the game. The rental equipment is easy to use. It’s almost as easy as just point and shoot. All of the games are supervised by a referee who is happy to help you out.