Paintball Balls

Paintball Balls

Paintball BallsPaintball balls are one of the most important parts of playing paintball. While playing paintball, there are a few things that are very important to consider–whether it be a birthday party, some exciting walk-on play, or with friends in a large group, choosing the correct paintball balls themselves for your specific needs is absolutely vital. Considering the quality, size, as well as color when choosing paintballs is much more important than most people would ever think, but in actuality can greatly affect play in many different ways.

Although safety factors are first, other variations between balls can continue to possess a large effect on game play. This is particularly essential for the gamer who is the owner of their very own gear, as certain paintball markers and electronic hoppers are responsive to ball variables. For instance, using black or crimson balls can hinder the “”eye””, or built-in ball sensors, in certain markers and hoppers. This can lead to chopped and damaged paintballs along with a untidy day.

Another essential factor to think about when selecting paintball balls should you own your personal devices are size. Paintballs have quality dimensions that need to be matched up towards the quality size around the barrel for optimum precision.Fortunately when playing for the most part supervised and safe paintball facilities, all gamers are needed to make use of paintballs bought limited to their facility.


Low Impact Paintball ComparisonThis really is the easiest method to ensure safety for those gamers. Buying paintballs in a facility guarantees the paintballs themselves weren’t interfered with or improperly saved–lowering actual injuries by growing ball breaks on impact. Paintball balls improperly saved can harden, and create a very painful experience for that unfortunate person hit together. Facility-bought paintballs don’t permit this to occur.


Paintball could be a great experience for anybody, but made infinitely better by selecting the right paintball ball itself to your requirements.
Private play is available at Air Assault to groups or walk-on play is also available for those looking to join in on the action without a big group. Please give us a call at 651-222-0300 with any questions you may have or to book your private group spot.