Host a Paintball Party in MN

Host a Paintball Party in MN


Host a Paintball Party in MNIf you are looking to host a paintball party you should know what the best places in Minnesota for paintball are. Walk-on play on weekends, but if you are planning a paintball party you will want to make sure you call ahead first and reserve a spot.

Here are the top three best local places to host a paintball party:

  • Action Packed Paintball
  • Splatball Minneapolis
  • Air Assault Paintball


Action Packed Paintball is an outdoor paintball park located in Jordan, MN. Just off of Old Hwy 169, they have 7 different courses to choose from, as well as an outdoor viewing area complete with grills and picnic tables. This is ideal if there are members of your paintball party who would rather observe the games then play themselves.

Splatball is an indoor paintball field located in downtown Minneapolis. Their location makes them the ideal destination for group outings like birthday and bachelor Parties. Let off some of the stress of planning a wedding or special day by playing paintball first, then hit up the bars, clubs or the pizzeria down the street.

Air Assault Paintball is another indoor field located in St. Paul, MN. They are the largest indoor playing field in the Midwest with a 30,000 square foot facility that also has a Planet Eclipse Warranty and Repair Center. Walk on play and private group play are both available. This indoor paintball facility is ideal for people who want to still play paintball no matter the weather. In Minnesota the weather is rather unpredictable, but with an indoor facility you can play all year round in comfort!