Empire Paintball Event in MN

Empire Paintball Event Details

Play the best tournaments in the MN Twin Cities area. Air Assault Indoor Paintball has hosted over 50 competitive/ tournament paintball events in MN. Players from all over the Midwest come from different back ground but with the same hopes in mind…winning an Air Assault Paintball event! If you think you and your team have what it takes sign up for the latest Division 4.5 5 – Man event hosted by Air Assault Paintball with Empire Paintball prizes! Registration and details are now live! Check out all of the information for the best single tournament going on in the month of September! If you have any questions about any of the following information or details please give us a call at 651-222-0300.


Paintball event in MN Twin Cities

—> $3,000+ Empire Paintball Prize Package! TBA soon.
—> PSP Race 2 (5-man) Format.
—> 3 D4 Drop in players.
—> 15 teams.
—> Best prize package, reffing, and field in the State.

Empire Paintball Tournament – Sunday (September 20th, 2015)

 Empire 4.5 paintball tournament details


  • $60 a case pre-paid. $65 a case at counter
  • Event schedule and Timeline TBA after registration deadline has passed.
  • NO MUDDY/DIRTY gear! In order to protect our turf, we will not allow ANY players with dirty or muddy gear to play. CLEAN YOUR PANTS, CLEAN YOUR CLEATS, WASH YOUR GEAR!
  • NO cleats allowed! Our turf is custom designed for indoor paintball, shoes with hard plastic, metal, or ceramic cleats are NOT allowed! Your best option for footwear is indoor turf shoes or HK shredders.

PSP paintball field

Don’t be fooled by other tournament series and events that say they are the best. Air Assault is truly the only event center to offer a guaranteed paintball experience. Don’t worry about the weather, bugs, sunscreen, coolers, rain gear or any other hassles. Spend less and play more! Focus on winning the event!

For more details on the Empire Paintball Tournament check out our Facebook Event, PB Nation and our American Paintball Players Association link!

Good Luck to all teams and players participating!