Dye Rotor R2 In Stock

Dye Rotor R2

Dye Rotor R2 Paintball LoaderThe Dye Rotor R2 is back in stock at Air Assault Paintball. Swing by our paintball pro-shop in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota and check out the latest loader from Dye Paintball. Among the innovative featues of the Rotor R2 is an adjustable ball capacity. A simple push of a button transforms the hopper capacity from 200 paintballs to 260 paintballs–without the need to change shell components.

Another great feature of the Dye Rotor R2 is its tool-less design. The tool-less design and patent-pending Rapid Release feature makes changing lids quick and easy.

Dye Rotor R2 colors


  • Adjustable ball capacity — 200 or 260 paintballs
  • 15% larger lid opening with rapid release safeguard system
  • Reload alert system
  • Low battery indicator
  • Dynamic force control
  • Tool-less Disassembly
  • Spring-loaded inner floor
  • Improved feed reliability
  • Adjustable drive tension
  • Positive feed live hinge tray
  • Power supply – 3AA batteries
  • Weight 1.1 lbs
  • Patented rotor feed technology

Dye Rotor R2 Video Review