Corporate Paintball

Corporate Paintball Outings

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Play Corporate paintball with your company at the largest indoor paintball facility in Minnesota! Plan your event easily and timely and have a blast with your co-workers. Ge out of the office or work place and move around! All work and no play can hurt a company. Work on your companies moral with team building activities and an out of the box look at corporate paintball outings.

Get creative with your company outing this year! Let the creative juices flow and focus on bonding within the organization. Have employees work together as a tightly knit team to reach goals under pressure. Hundreds of companies have been turning to the formation of corporate paintball events. Paintball originated in the 1950s as a way to tag trees and livestock with a distinctive marking of dye but has quickly evolved into one of the most exciting and strategy building sports around today.

Corporate paintball is really a step-above the typical think tank and inter office communication exercises. Improve communication skills, strategic planning, time management and team execution. Training methods are very important in the corporate world. Find out more about your team under pressure and learn to depend and trust one another. Play paintball against each other indoors year round while creating an effective team strategy along with a plan of action. Discover individuals personal talents and abilities to react in real time.

Among the best reasons for using corporate paintball is to build relationships and teamwork. Never find a dull moment while playing at our 30,000 square foot indoor paintball center in St. Paul Minnesota.  Air Assault Paintball is one of the safest, cleanest and most reputable paintball facilities in the Midwest. Enjoy the experience without the hassle of the weather, insects or hidden fees.

Be the talk of the whole company and look into corporate paintball for your next employee event.  Schedule your teams time today online! Want to book a private paintball outing? We can provide space for groups ranging in size from 2 to 150 players. Call us at 651-222-0300 or check out our location at 155 Eaton St in Saint Paul, MN.