Compressed Air Paintball

Use of Compressed Air in Paintball

compressed air paintball

Compressed Air Paintball is an action-packed, fast-paced sport that can be enjoyed by almost any person. Some things may be confusing to the new player–especially the use of carbon dioxide tanks versus compressed air paintball tanks. To understand a paintball marker for functional purposes is not that difficult. A propellant–in the form of either a carbon dioxide or compressed air paintball tank–is attached to the marker. This propellant acts to power the marker’s firing itself, as well as the return of the bolt to its original place–which loads the subsequent shot. Compressed air is a much better propellant than carbon dioxide in virtually every way–providing many very noticeable improvements in gun functionality.

This consistency is key in paintball safety and reliability. Generally, using co2 like a propellant requires about 800 psi, while compressed air rarely runs above 180-200 psi. This puts less strain on air parts inside the marker itself and the compressed air tank. In addition, compressed air paintball puts less pressure on paintballs themselves resulting in better precision, a far more consistent FPS measurement (to determine the rate from the ball) and less damaged paint balls.

Compressed air is a easier to maintain and overall safer than co2. The tanks accustomed to fill co2 are extremely large, very pressurized, heavy and need a professional to help use. However, a marker needs a reduced pressure to operate from a compressed air paintball tank–not just making compressed air safer but additionally a lot more efficient for that marker. This lower pressure is essential, and is among the primary reasons compressed air outperforms CO2 each and every time. Lower pressure has been used the quantity of shots you will get per tank fill is much greater. This is a consequence from the elevated consistency in pressure used per shot that compressed air offers.

In general, CO2 tanks are not the future. Air Assault Indoor Paintball offers both new an used compressed air for paintball equipment. Spend less, save more and treat your paintball marker right. tank might be a little more costly, compressed air is definitely chosen over co2 when managing a paintball marker.  Here at Air Assault Paintball we specialize in every type of paintball gear and playing options. Choose to schedule a paintball time slot or a private group party today. From birthday parties to bachelor parties, we are the Twin Cities best spot to host your next big paintball event. No group size minimums for reservations. Accommodations range from 2 to 100 or more players of all ages. Find us at 155 Eaton Street St. Paul, MN or give us a call at 651-222-0300.