Best Paintball Places in MN

Best Paintball Places in MNBest paintball places in MN

Are you looking for the best paintball places in MN?  Then look no further than Air Assault Indoor Paintball Games. Visit the largest indoor paintball park in Minnesota. Play paintball inside our 30,000 Sq. Ft. premiere paintball center in the Twin Cities. Play behind humvees, tires stacks, walls and buildings while trying to eliminate other paintball players. You will get the opportunity to have a great time with friends or a group of same age individuals. Our facility provides a climate controlled facility, free parking, free wifi/ TV, drinking fountains and spectator areas! Bring pizza or cater food in or buy snacks at our on-site vending machines.

paintball tournamentPaintball is a perfect game for all ages and experience levels. Ask about our low impact paintball option that stings less. Low impact paintballs are smaller, lighter and break at less of a speed thus making them hurt less. Air Assault also provides the highest quality rental packages and gear. Rent all of the gear you will need or purchase paintball gear from our large retail pro-shop. Air Assault carries the biggest names in paintball and offers a lifetime warranty on select paintball products. If you would like to upgrade your paintball gear Air Assault buy/ sells and trades equipment. Experience the best paintball places in MN right here!  Walk in and play or set up a group for you and your friends to play together!

Air Assault Indoor Paintball Games is open all the time! No reservations are necessary! We offer walk in games, gun owner hours, advanced play, group reservations and private field times. Employees and staff are rated among the best paintball staff in MN. A host or referee will tend to your group or questions anytime. Each player will have both game and safety rules explained prior to playing paintball. Our friendly atmosphere is perfect for parents to drop off kids or to stick around and watch through our viewing windows. Air Assault offers free compressed air with all rental packages and CO2 fills available on request.  Air Assault makes it easy for everyone to play and compete on the same playing field. Many of these amenities are reasons this paintball center is among the best paintball places in MN.

If you’re searching for the best paintball places in MN, then Air Assault Indoor Paintball Games is the perfect site to play paintball with the whole family! It is simple to book your spot online today! If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them. Reach us at 651-222-0300.