2nd Annual Food Drive

Lend a helping hand while playing paintball this Holiday! Join us for our Second Annual Paintball Minnesota Food Drive this November! Air Assault Paintball is pleased to announce the second year of our food donation drive. We will be gathering non-perishable food items all November to help local twin cities residents that are in need during the holiday season. Help us feed families in the community by bringing in food donations to benefit the local food pantry!

paintball minnesota food driveBig thanks to everyone that participated in our first Paintball Minnesota Food Drive last year. It was a great success with over 386 pounds of non-perishable food items were donated! Our goal is to break 450 pounds this year! Remember that the donations all go to the St. Paul Second Harvest Heartland Donation Center just in time for Thanksgiving.Paintball MN food donation2nd Annual Food Drive

Paintball Minnesota 2nd Annual Food Drive

paintball mn SavingsAll paintball players have the opportunity to save a little if they give a little! Second Harvest Heartland has been one of the largest and widely known food banks in the Midwest for years and we want to help them give back to the community.We hope to see you playing and or donating this month!

Each player that brings in 3 or more non-perishable food items (from November 4th – November 20th) will receive 100 additional paintballs with paid admission! Help us put a little more food on the table this holiday! We can’t wait to donate all of the proceeds to the community! Save even more by pre-paying and bringing in 3 non-perishable items to save $18!


*Offer excludes .68 caliber paintballs. Limit 100 free rounds per player. Contact us if you have any questions about our special or donation.

The Paintball Minnesota Food Drive brought in over 386 lbs. of food; (312 canned goods and 94 dry/ miscellaneous non-perishable items) for a grand total of 406 total items! That’s awesome! Second Harvest said that we helped provide 320 meals to feed multiple families with our donation! How awesome is that?!

Food DriveFood Drive 3

We hope next year’s Food Drive will bring even more contributions! Special thanks to all of our supporters, groups and walk-in players that brought in items to help our community members in need! We can’t wait to help more families in need in the future! A little can go a long way! If you have any suggestions or would like to donate more items please contact us or the Second Harvest Food Heartland Pantry!