1V1 Paintball TOP GUN Tournament


1 vs 1 Top Gun Paintball Tournament Air Assault Paintball

The best just got better! Air Assault Indoor Paintball is hosting a 1v1 Top Gun Tournament in collaboration with Paintball MN. One on One paintball Minnesota tournaments are a rarity but always the most suspenseful. Air Assault is bringing back the classic style of paintball with an event geared purely towards every paintball player. Prove your skill Sunday, February 1st. One on one games will start at 4PM! Make sure you make time to warm up and check out the layout at our Advanced Open Play Paintball earlier that day from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Air Assault indoor paintball will have a Dye Paintball prize package valued at over $2,000! 

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1st Place: Dye DM14
2nd Place: Dye Rotor
3rd Place: Dye I4