Paintball Pricing

Air Assault Paintball is the largest indoor paintball facility in Minnesota with the best paintball packages! We offer multiple pricing options and upgrades starting at $20 per player! Save money and time by booking your paintball event online! 

Booking ahead lets you save money, guarantees paintball gear and space for your party! Discount Packages are available everyday online!

Basic Paintball Pricing: Starting at $20+ tax

Basic paintball packages range from $20 to $22 (depending on the day) by booking and paying ahead. Reservations are first come first serve. Want to just walk and play? No problem, packages start at $34 at the door.

Each Package Includes:

  • Admission
  • Rental paintball gun setup
  • Full head protective mask
  • 100 paintballs per person!
  • Note: Upgrades, extra ammo and concessions may be added at the counter the day of your event!


Private Package Pricing: Starting at $425 +tax

Weekday and after hours packages are private and great for company outings, team building events, school functions and even small birthday parties! Party times are available a minimum of 48 hours in advance online and must be prepay at time of booking.

Hours of paintball funPackage Includes:

  • Admission for up to 10 players (2 hr limit)
  • Rental paintball gun setup each
  • Full head protective mask each
  • Private field rotation
  • 2,000 rounds to share
  • Note: Additional guests (after 10) may join at only $25 at the door.

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*Groups may upgrade gear or purchase more ammo the day of the event. If you don’t see the time you are looking for please give us a call at (651) 222-0300!

Play Private (Option): $150+ tax

Party-Icons-07Want to play with just your group? We can do that! Any day during normal hours we offer what’s called a “Private Field Rotation.” The private field option allows you and your group to play each other without other players mixing in. We will rotate you and your group on and off the field, alternating with our general admission players.

The private option lasts as long as your group stays. This option may be added when booking online a party online. If you do not choose the private field option, your group may be mixed in with similar age players (Example: a birthday party will NOT play against a bachelor party).

upgraded paintball gun

Be the top shot! Upgrade your paintball marker at the counter! The paintball gun is lighter, more accurate and shoots more paintballs per trigger pull!

Note: Perfect for bachelor/ bachelorette parties and company events! Must be 18 years of age or older to use upgraded paintball marker.


Looking for more protection? Worried about bringing a change of clothes or getting your car dirty? Suit up with a camo jumpsuit and combat gloves to keep you protected and your clothes clean!

Note: Awesome choice for birthday parties, bachelor/ bachelorette parties and family events!

paintball pricesEvery player starts with 100 paintballs. If you run out or want more you can always purchase more paintballs and keep playing!

Additional paintballs are sold in 100 or 500 round counts at the counter.

Note: Great for bachelor/ bachelorette parties and family events!

Ready to go “HARD”? Pick up a full ammo drop of 2,000 paintballs for a crazy discount! You and your group can even split it up!

Note: Awesome option for birthday parties and youth groups!

Looking for a paintball deal? Have a special occasion coming up? Let us make it more memorable for you and your party! Check out our paintball specials before you book! Ready to schedule your party? Still have questions? Feel free to email or call us at 651-222-0300.